Bin-Con Feeder is a fully automated part feeding system from Lerocon.
Parts to be run is buffered in a silo or pallet tipper. The parts are separated and fed automatically to a belt conveyor, where a vision system locates the parts. The vision system locates the parts and sends the coordinates to guide the robot to pick for further handling.

Depending on the size of the material to be fed, we have different sizes of Bin-Con Feeder systems.

A PLC system handles all communication and all settings is made in the operating panel.

All settings can be saved in a recipe, which gives very short setup times between products.

Bin-Con Feeder is a flexible system that can be combined with other systems, products and options available from Lerocon.

Standard options:

  • Silo for material buffer
  • Part Separation System
  • Robot, suited for application
  • Vision system for robot guidance
  • Beckhoff PLC
  • Lerocon HMI operating panel

Available options:

  • Pallet Tipper
  • Twin Robot System
  • Lerocon gripper concept
  • Automatic tool changer

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Lerocon AB is a privately owned company, based in Gislaved since its inception in 2003. Initially our focus was on service and support of special machines and resistance welding machines. Fairly soon we saw the need for a custom automation nut welding machine and began to produce the first models for the Lerocon Multi Weld.