New order - welding robotic cells

New order - welding robotic cells

Lerocon has recently signed a major order to Gestamp Tech in Luleå. The order includes a turn-key delivery of three robotic cells for handling and welding of fasteners in press-hardened components.

The cells are based on the Lerocon Confeeder system and also include 9 Lerocon C-Frame Pneumatic resistance weld units.

The order also means that Lerocon will need to strengthen the organization with more employees.

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Lerocon AB is a privately owned company, based in Gislaved since its inception in 2003. Initially our focus was on service and support of special machines and resistance welding machines. Fairly soon we saw the need for a custom automation nut welding machine and began to produce the first models for the Lerocon Multi Weld.