New web site

Lerocon launches new website in modern design with a stronger focus on our specialization in automated resistance welding.

The product range within the nut welding machines will be expanded shortly and basic information about our machine types can be found here.

Do not hesitate to call or email us at Lerocon if you would like more information about our machines and automation solutions!

Lerocon delivers to Brazil

Lerocon delivers to Brazil

Lerocon has been entrusted by a Swedish truck manufacturer, which is building a new factory in Brazil. The machines will be built and delivered to Brazil in 2016 and is a very important strategic milestone for Lerocon.

Please contact us for more details!

Confeeder Twin Nut Welding Cell

Confeeder Twin Nut Welding Cell

Lerocon has recently signed several new orders with a supplier to the truck industry.

The main contract is for a robot cell for nut welding according Lerocons concept Confeeder Twin, included Lerocon C-Frame Electric nut welding machine, two ABB IRB4600 for handling and vision system for robot guidance.

Other orders are redevelopment of existing robotic cell as well as additional peripherals.

- We have in a short time taken several important orders that strengthen our position as a total supplier of resistance welding machines, says Daniel Erlandsson, CEO at Lerocon.

Lerocon collaborating with Linköping University

Lerocon collaborating with Linköping University

This spring, four students at the university will carry out a project together with Lerocon regarding development of resistance welding with combined materials.

This is to see how we can use new technology to be able to meet the car and truck industry's future requirements for new materials.


Lerocon AB is a privately owned company, based in Gislaved since its inception in 2003. Initially our focus was on service and support of special machines and resistance welding machines. Fairly soon we saw the need for a custom automation nut welding machine and began to produce the first models for the Lerocon Multi Weld.